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About hunting

In Romania, hunting is viewed by more than 50 years as a rational activity, undertaken to maintain, with hunting rifles, the balance in nature. More specifically told to maintain the balance between predator species and game hunting plantivor, on the one hand and between species of game in general and their living environment, on the other side.

This concept has been imposed since the current balance of nature is no more a natural balance in the true sense of the word, but a balance remained in a state of relative stability by wise intervention, environmental and economic reasons, MO factor.

So hunting is a conscious activity by exploiting renewable natural resource sustainability. It is perceived as managers in the field, constantly pursuing the development of game, in terms of quantity and quality, and establish ways and means of scientific claims, annual hunting quotas, differentiated for more sedentary species sex game on age classes and grades. They go with the logic further, aiming to maintain the optimum times of the actual game, also properly structured so as to enjoy the hunting quotas as large in terms of injury as the game environment lower agricultural products and / or forest-life.

For true hunters, but hunting has always been something else. It is primarily an inner calling, an ancient, you feel it irresistible to hunting and nature. In many of our people and nevânători, this call dwells latent surprising to erupt when we least expect it expects. One thing is undeniable: hunting is practiced, in general, of passion. An incubator typically passion and time, and money. However, and as passionate as hunting would cost object of their passion, they are still aware of what they do, the default annual hunting quota limits, so you can hunt in May and tomorrow. Therefore, for many of the hunters is far more important what and how they hunt, but only hunts. True satisfaction comes hunting for them in how they acquire sporty and elegant game, not the size of the array of hunting or, where appropriate, from the score acquired trophy hunting. And they are thanked for them, but secondary. How are different and the economic consequences of voluntary activity.

For historians and men of culture, it means hunting past, tradition and civilization. A tradition that leaves behind thousands of years of experience moderate concern. From prehistoric man and hunter gatherers until today, the evolution of hunting activities was tightly woven with the evolution of human society, drawing traces of inestimable value to world culture and culture in the area.
Influence and positive role of hunting data resulting from numerous archaeological cave drawings and ancient documents, writings of medieval and modern treaties hunting. Striking are the numerous antique bas-reliefs and sculptures, statues, sculptures, statues and more recent paintings and photographs of the modern age and many other such works of art, hunting and hunting with the motivation. Folklore and place names is also clear evidence, as is the endless and immortal works written and / or interpreted. All come to substantiate the contention that hunting and hunting were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists and the overwhelming influence, over time, the evolution of human society, which, in turn, has influenced almost equally.

For nature protectionists, and even young "green", which definitely far fewer years in the field of nature protection, hunters are still role models. Being pragmatic, have imposed themselves hunting hindrance in hunting, limited in time and space, so as not to jeopardize in any way, continuity of business. There was also the first who noticed and took a stand against the deterioration of habitats of game, meaning the game before all that protection, without adequate protection of habitats, remain a mere utopia. As utopian theory remains and total protection of species or hunting game in certain places of interest without a compelling justification for such protection.
Since the same common love, "nature" - which includes the game - protectionists, young "green" and hunters generally have the same interests. But some have, as I already said, pragmatic and experienced millennia ago, while others are junior in business and still support illusory theories, such as that expressed no specific interest in this material.
Passing over some "misunderstandings" inherent in each of the parties shall monitor the influence of civilization on the balance in nature and every attempt to intervene in favor of the latter, to encourage the former. While working alone, but in the same direction, together they will have to assume, from now on, the responsibility for what is left to future generations.
The gun acted to maintain the balance between hunting and the environment, but will act only hunting.

For athletes, it should be noted however, that hunting is not just a sport, although it involves physical effort, sometimes happily ever after, and the spirit of fair play. This activity could be mistaken for any shooting discipline, because it totally and completely different motivation, practicing under the much less predictable than in the polygon. Hunting requires multiple knowledge about nature, about the game and the hunting technique, intelligence and inspiration, natural endowment and passion, self-education and self-control, skill and experience, and special spiritual experiences, physical strain and effort justifying temporary refuge from the bustle of everyday life.

For veterinarians, like fellow European Union, hunting is only a socially useful activity, defined uninspired 'killing wild animals' which are inserted into the economic circuit certain animal products (meat, fur, horns, etc..). The definition of hunting them, however, is simplistic and annoying, because hunters kill game, but just as shown, it hunts. Although the concepts are somewhat similar, they can not, however confusing without risk of falling into ignorance. A contemporary risk that veterinarians and they have taken, causing many protests at the national and international bodies in the field.

Perceptions relating to hunting are so different, being overwhelmingly influenced the profession concerned in a certain way of business. These perceptions are, however, the image generating company. Therefore, modern hunters are aware of the risk of erroneous perception of current activity practiced in good faith argue for the general public, undeniable truth that the place of passion and at its own expense, an activity balance in nature and society . If not doing it, the company would be forced to hire professionals for this purpose, the public expenditure. Otherwise what would happen to the populations of bears and wild boars out of control? But the wolves, foxes, martens, ferrets and pigeon hawks, and other species that can decimate populations plantivor game and seek alternative resources for food later by villagers households? This is without thinking about plantivor game populations, which, multiplying chaotic, could become, in turn, extremely damaging for agriculture and forestry.

Here are just a few reasons why today's hunt, as was briefly presented, it must be redefined as a hobby concise hunters equally good balance in nature and human society.

Why hunt?

This is one of the questions that "greens" make it increasingly more frequent and more trenchant of about 7 million hunters in Europe. That question and others, which began to be heard and we must force us to honest answers, first to us. If we could not find satisfactory, we could hardly be convincing on the subject of discussion with opponents of hunting.

Hunt, no doubt, to maintain balance agro-forest-hunting, within the limits of population growth, sent us (hunters) as a share of the harvest, the central authority of the State field. Hunt, therefore sustainable, with the approval and under the control of central authorities responsible for hunting and the environment. Mainly hunt selectively, thus bringing us to contribute to preserving and even improving the quality of game. We do so as skilled hunters, through an examination and promoted on the occasion of acquiring quality hunter.
Practice, therefore, knowingly hunting at its own expense, removing the pay significant sums of money for any professional job to do, in our absence, the same thing.
Here's an answer that can be considered as complete and convincing theory even green.

It is not so. "Greens" categorically insists to find an answer: Why hunt? which is the inner motivation of the occupations? do it for pleasure or necessity?
The answer can not be at all easy, because it would risk its misinterpretation, against hunters.
Hunt, mainly from the desire to maintain the balance agro-forest-hunting, artificial and rigorously established. This need not be doubted, because otherwise, without extracting the surplus population, it would cause chaos in the business of hunting and the rational management of unstable equilibrium and temporarily stabilized OM artificial in nature, which would ultimately lead to impoverishment and even wildlife biodiversity. Need but may not be completely conscious of all hunters.

Reasons for engaging in hunting activities, the latter are very different:

  • make some people happy to spend, motivated and active leisure a part in nature, motivation and empowerment are determined hunter in this case the "trip" and made the act of hunting itself, for any man has an inner power, ancestral, nature and hunting together, we can empower the hunters in such a way as to forget all the everyday problems, and this added to the physical effort do is for them an important and effective means "recharge batteries" body, all in one place, is sufficient reason for temporarily leaving the family home provided comfort;

  • other hunters who also respects and complies with the hunt, do it for "art hunt" they are motivated more by how the game acquire, not how much the game acquired the technical skills they are hunting and pursuing perfection act itself, neinteresându's too much the result of hunting;

  • are engaged in hunting and hunters desiring to acquire, at any price, as much game, even if they are compromising the ethics of business practice, by this stage of passing many novice hunters, poorly educated, unfortunately some remain to this life of abnormal start;

  • few of the "hunters" go hunting to kill game, defiant violation of any rule of hunting ethics, between them and poachers is not much difference, except that some act to limit the law, and others outside it;

  • there are hunters, the few who practice hunting game for the chance to study, and in inquiring more comments on its ecological and ethological than the result of hunting, hunters are generally more familiar with both the hunting behavior that the act of hunting becomes too easy and too little interest, compared with the accumulation of further knowledge in the field;

  • another group of hunters generally poor or gourmet, wine, hunting for game that you can download to own kitchen, it was and remains a strong motivation for hunting practice, whether we recognize it or not;

  • Finally, there are hunters who go hunting for the table or fire at the end of day, justified the mood and the atmosphere devoid of everyday constraints with which it ends, in such situations, you allow your imagination run free and honest communication is the most instructive transmit knowledge, customs and traditions of hunting, for many hunters, hunting end of the day it matters most.

Here are some concrete reasons for hunters hunting interest. Perhaps they are far from being exhausted, because they are much more nuanced and more suddenly dominate the same hunter.
Like it or not "hunting opponents, they are honest, the real reasons for the hunters hunt, of course, limits and under those conditions. For these reasons, hunting has been and is still popular. Hunting is not therefore simply no sport, no purely rational activity and not harmful, as it is now practical in nature whatsoever.
While hunting for different reasons - some criticism not only from "green", but also others - hunters are generally at their own expense, a good thing for wildlife hunting interest, balance in nature and society. It is most important and undeniable. With one condition, namely that hunting is sustainable practice, which depends on the effectiveness of managers in the field and fight anti poaching.  +40744348950  © copyright Vanatorul Kris